Sleeping and relationships are last things I think about now. I would have never thought I’d be here at 4:25 am typing instead of sleeping. Or going to see a guy late at night hoping for good intentions.

It all started way back in grade 10 when my first serious boyfriend broke my heart. I was devastated. Broken. And never got a wink of sleep. Only wanted him, but he didn’t want me.
(Call me crazy for saying I was in love but I truly was in love with this guy we had all our firsts together. He was my best friend.)

But staying up until odd hours of the night and getting heartbroken or used is something I’m so used to now. Something I wish I could change, I fall in and out of love so easily. So when a good guy does come along either I push them away or they end up being just like every other guy and walking out of my life eventually.

Basically this blog is for people who want to hear about my life, my struggles, and all my personal stories. I promise no boring stories, only how sad my life really is.